Genetic Mutations & Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is one of the leading studies in the field of sciences. A controversial subject that can determine life over death, gene therapy  holds the key to the future of the human race. Don't we all wish for a world free of diseases? Companies, institutions, and universities alike have all dedicated themselves to the study of gene therapy. Below are a few of the companies and institutions that are pursuing the enigma of gene therapy.

 Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics is one of the most popular gene therapy countries in the world; their first treament being Glybera, which is a gene therapy for LPLD: an orphan genetic disorder. However, it is still pending market approval in Europe.  It is located by the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam and has a staff with about 90 people. For more information click here to access AMT's website (Citation 204).

Biovex is a company that focuses on genetics and gene technology as well as pharmaceutical and therapeutic treatments and medicines for diseases such as cancer and nervous and immune system disorders. Click here to access their website and learn more (Citation 206).

 Cardium Therapeutics is a company of regenerative medicine, focusing on the development of new bio-medical products and product opportunities. For more information, click here to access their website (Citation 225).

Gene Logic is a leading company focused on the area of genomics and life sciences. They have been chosen by a number of institutes and companies worldwide as their preferred partner because of their expertise and knowledge related to mechanisms of diseases and gene targets. Click here to access their website and learn more

 (Citation 226).

 GenVec is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of gene based medicine and vaccines. They constantly use a similar patent-protected technology to deliver genes in order for the medicine/vaccine to deliver sufficient and beneficial proteins directly towards the site of the disease. Click here to access their website for more information (Citation 227).

 The Iowa Center for Gene Therapy was established in 1998 and focus their research and training in molecular medicine as well as to treat inherited diseases with gene therapy. Interacting with other laboratories and research facilities, they hope to advance in their knowledge of gene therapy as well as genetic diseases. Click here to access their website and learn more (Citation 228).

 The Center for Cell and Gene Therapy at Baylor College of Medicine, is a leading institution focusing in the area of novel cells and gene therapy. Their approach to the development of gene therapy is to bring together researchers of a wide variety and work together to develop strategies for the treatment of cancer, HIV, and cardiovascular disease. For more information, click here to access their website (Citation 229).

The goal of the Program in Human Gene Therapy is "to develop gene transfer technologies and use them for hepatic gene therapy for the treatment of genetic and acquired diseases". By the research of different vectors as well as their analysis on how well these vectors work in the appropriate animal modes, they intend to succeed in their goal with the most promising approaches and results. Click here to access their website and learn more (Citation 230).

 The UC Davis MIND Insitute (Medical Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Disorders) is a leading institution in the research and development of gene therapy. They are dedicated to the "awareness, understanding, and prevention" of neurodevelopmental disorders. They specialize in autism as well as ADHD, fragil X syndrome, Tourrette syndrome, and chromosome 22a11.2 deletion syndrome. Click here to access their website and learn more (Citation 231).

The Gene Therapy Program of Perelman School of Medicine is a leading research institute promoting the awareness and experience of students in the field of genetics and genetic diseases, focusing mostly on Cystic Fibrosis. Their faculty members research in many diverse areas in science, including cancer biology, cell biology, psychology, and many more. For more information, click here to access their website (Citation 236).

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