Genetic Mutations & Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy: The Race to the Cure

Are you tired of watching children and adults alike become victims of genetic diseases? 
Are you willing to become aware of the on-going battle with genetic diseases and the efforts being made to cure them?
Are you ready to contribute to the study of gene therapy and help save millions of lives?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then congratulations! This is the site for you! 

Welcome to Gene Therapy: The Race to the Cure!

This website will provide you with information on one of the most fascinating technological developments on this planet: gene therapy. Throughout history, we've constantly been making more and more advancements in technology. Since genetic mutations were first discovered, millions of scientific discoveries have been made. So we'll find the cure for genetic diseases soon enough, right? Wrong. Gene therapy is a complicated process that takes time. Time is not of abundance. Thousands of people die of genetic diseases each year in the United States and millions die world wide. In other words: We are running out of time! So what can we do to slow it down until gene therapy is perfected? Spread awareness. The more people that are aware of genetic diseases and their treatments, the less number of people will die victims of such unfortunate diseases. One person can make a difference! Now it is only a question of how much longer will people have to suffer from genetic diseases? When will the cure finally be discovered? With that, all we can say is:
Let the race begin!

Contact Information                                                                                                                :

Mariam Bader


12th Grade

Davis Senior High School

Teacher: Ms. Moriarty



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